Vision & Mission


The vision of this project is to improve the socio-economic well-being of the tribes of Rajasthan by contributing positively to their:

  1. Basic Education
  2. Health Care Delivery System
  3. Social Transformation.

Spiritual and moral education encompassed in basic education system will generated the vital balance in society.

–Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Ji Insan


Shah Satnam Ji Girls school, Taranagar works to achieve 100% literacy rates among girls in the remote area. It was found that the level of education and particularly girl’s education is extremely low and no such efforts are done to improve. So the school is opened with the vision to provide quality education at minimal cost or if required at free of cost. His Holiness believes to inculcate variety of education altogether. Spiritual component guided by His Holiness is always to maintain delicate fulcrum. Interesting is to say that not only children but the teachers are highly motivated and blessed by His Holiness to take responsibility of overall success of unique model of integration in normal stream. They are trained to deal with the vulnerable children with affection and sensitivity.