Sports and Games form an integral part of education. A good student is not merely one who has read much but one who has been taught well. Here, in this institution students are trained in various games through a well planned Three Moths Sports Camp. Within a very short span of time our students got success at national leve

There is a facility of the following games :

1.         BasketBall                                2.         VolleyBall

3.         Kho-Kho                                   4.         Skating

5.         Football                                    6.         Cricket

7.         Hand Ball                                 8.         Yoga

9.         Judo                                         10.       Netball

11.       Rugbi                                       12.       Archery

Athletics :

1.         High Jump                                2.         Long Jump

3.         Discuss Throw                          4.         Javelin Throw

5          Shot-put                                    6.         4 x 100 Meter Relay race


Different Playgrounds :- Along with facilities, the school has a well

marked sports area which comprises of different playgrounds

available for various games like

1. Volleyball 2.Basket Ball 3.Netball

4.Handball 5.Badminton 6.Athletics

7.Hockey(Grassic) 8.Football(Grassic)

9.Archery 10.Cricket

Players Awarded with Pure Gold, Silver Medals

 by Hazoor Maharaj Ji on 25 January

Other Facilities for Players

· Pure Gold, Silver and Diamond medals according to

their performances

· 75%-100% scholarships for National Palyers

· Different Playgrounds

· Three months summer sports camp

· Special Diet with pure Desi Ghee

· Various Indoor and Outdoor Games