An important feature of Shah Satnam ji Girls School is the vast number of curricular and extra-curricular activities – literary, cultural and sports that are all an integral part of the curriculum. Co-curricular activities Another way in which the school seeks to develop individual talent is through participation of the students in various co-curricular activities. The school offers a plethora of opportunities through clubs, hobbies, societies, work shops and activities such as Debating, Elocution, Story – telling, Quiz, Calligraphy, Writing Articles for school magazine etc. Regular Career Counseling talks and workshops help the students to chalk out their future plan with a clear understanding of the profession which they may wish to choose. Leadership skills are developed through the school prefects, monitors, etc. In order to develop a potential in every student, the school offers training in many artistic disciplines such as Vocal and Instrumental Music, Classical & Folk Dance, Theatre art, Drawing and Painting, Wood Craft, Computer aided designing etc. There are acoustically treated music rooms, dance room with wooden floor & mirror walls, auditorium and wonderful amphitheatres for drama, music and dance performances. Students are encouraged to show their talent in exhibitions and become accustomed to public performances, both to demonstrate their skills as well as increase their self confidence. The school offers a wide variety of sports and games. It has excellent infrastructure for Swimming, Cricket, Hockey, Football, Volleyball, Tennis, Basketball, Skating, Athletics, Yoga, Aerobics and Indoor games. Trained and experienced coaches have been appointed to train the students in above sports & games. Students also take part in various adventure activities like expedition, trekking and excursions away from the school.